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InPuzzle: outward-looking and forward-thinking

Over 15 years ago, InPuzzle, a professional translation agency with international ambition, opened its doors in Rennes. Yet this French digital stronghold wasn’t our final stop, we later branched out into the biggest cities on the continent with offices in the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

Cosmopolitan and dynamic, our agency firmly believes in the power of savoir-faire. We know that being bilingual is not enough when it comes to bringing you the best, we also need an expert linguist specialised in a professional field: yours. That’s why we wander the globe seeking out the rarest gems, with our in-house linguists from over 18 countries, our technicians and our project managers working in permanent harmony with translators from a myriad of backgrounds. This multicultural dimension, coupled with our diverse skills and expertise, makes our agency the perfect final piece to your puzzle. It’s exactly this kind of team spirit that channels our strength.

We only have one goal in mind: offering you a flawless translation, a translation that is more than just words, a translation that takes into account your brand’s entire range of communication materials, your challenges, your desires and all the quirks of the region you’re targeting. Together we’ll find exactly what drives your international growth.

 Why choose InPuzzle?

In 16 years, our thirst for knowledge has only grown. Constantly on the look-out for the latest developments in our fields, we have all the industry tools right at our fingertips: both linguistic and technical. This allows us to provide you with tailored support for all your communication materials. These 16 years have given us the opportunity to develop and implement a rigorous process and meticulous quality charter, followed to the dot by each of our employees with the aim of ensuring you receive the best.

And because we want a work relationship built on mutual trust, we handle your projects with the utmost discretion: all of our translators are bound by professional secrecy and ensure your project details remain confidential.

 InPuzzle, a quick look back

InPuzzle’s ethos is firmly rooted in teamwork, created over 15 years ago by three translators specialised in Italian, German and English. The agency grew out of a passion for finding solutions to multilingual problems together. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

Drawing on this pool of skills, InPuzzle set out to do what it does best: conquer the international market by creating subsidiaries and gradually expanding around Europe. Over the years our agency has organised itself into departments (print, interpreting, audiovisual and web), further broken down into specific skills clusters, today working in six sectors, allowing us to bring you the best and consolidate our expertise.

We like telling our story, but, above all, we want to continue writing it. Why not become a part of the next chapter?

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