InPuzzle is currently recruiting web content writers

Specialised in translation since 2000, the InPuzzle Group is now extending its expertise to include multilingual web optimised content.

To achieve this, and respond to the growing need of our clients, we are looking for web content writers who are experts in the fields of luxury, tourism, cosmetics or industry. The ideal candidate would be up to date with online best practice, including revision and optimisation (selection of key terms, editing of HTML tags and SEO).

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and three pieces of SEO-oriented text which you have written to arolland@inpuzzle.com.


Founded in 2000, the InPuzzle translation agency is always growing and on the look-out for fresh talent. The language solutions we offer clients are handled by a team of nearly 40 individuals with a diverse range of experiences and complementary skill-sets.

Our translation agency also draws on a vast network of professionals working across the board from translation and interpreting to localisation, multilingual SEO and web services, graphic design, DTP, training, and more.

The quality and scope of the services we provide stem from the diversity of our multicultural team and our excellent network of service providers.

We’re always on the look-out for individuals who can demonstrate the following:

  • professional skills: translation, interpreting, localisation, multilingual web services, etc.
  • an international profile,
  • good teamwork skills,
  • compliance with deadlines,
  • a positive approach to customer service.


InPuzzle regularly posts job or work experience offers on its translator job offer pages, where you’ll find all the information you need to apply, including job descriptions, languages needed, required qualifications and/or experience, contract length, work conditions, etc.

You can also apply with no specific job in mind if you’re interested in joining our in-house team or network of suppliers. Your application will be considered with the greatest of care.

Interested in a work experience placement at InPuzzle? Send your application (CV, covering letter and start/end dates) to: stagiaire@inpuzzle.com

All placements are based in our Rennes office.


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